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If you live in the Burton upon Trent or sarounding areas we will not be beaten on price for a Worcester or BAXI replacement boiler*


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The Different Types of Boilers Available



The Heat Only/Gas Boiler

These boilers are also known as the traditional or gas boilers. The big advantage with these traditional boilers is that multiple hot water faucets can be run at the same time, meaning there is no loss of pressure for hot water users. One thing to keep in mind with these boilers though, is that once the hot water is used up you will have to wait for it to refill. So the size of the cylinder you choose will depend on how much hot water you expect to use.

The heat only boiler provides heat for your central heating (radiators or underfloor heating) as well as supplying the cylinder. This type of boiler is generally larger than the combi boiler, plus the extra room taken up by the cylinders. However these are normally situated in the loft or attic where the space they take up isn’t being used anyway.



The Combi Boiler

The combi boiler (coming from the word combination) has become increasingly popular in recent years, mostly due to the fact that combi boilers take up much less space than the traditional or heat only systems that require large cylinders to hold either the hot or cold water.


For this reason, smaller houses, apartments and flats usually consider the combi boiler as their first option. Especially where the dwelling may contain only one bathroom the combi boiler is ideal. However in larger households (with more than one or two bathrooms) there is always the risk of loss of water pressure if more than one person is running the hot tap at a time.

Combi boilers also typically have fewer elements and are faster to install, and don’t require the programmable controls that switch your hot water on/off at certain times of the day.



The System Boiler

The system boiler is similar in many ways to the traditional/heat-only boiler, although these type of boilers are slightly easier to install because many components are pre-built in to the boiler removing the need for a expansion tank or supply feed.

A big advantage with these boilers is that an electric water heater can be added to the hot water cylinder so that hot water can be maintained even during times when the boiler is ‘offline.’ The electric water heater can also be used to generate hot water quickly or at times that haven’t been programmed.

With this boiler there is also no need for you to have a loft-sited cold water tank for those with a mains supplied hot water tank, freeing up a little extra space in the loft.




*Suject to survey & proof of quotation from a Gas safe registered company


** Suject to survey,It is assumed that the existing installation is correctly installed and meets current gas regulations and building regulations


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