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Effective for work booked from 10th January 24




Standard weekday charges (Visits arrival times between 8.30am and 4.30pm)

£65 PER HOUR for a single engineer - FOR GAS / HEATING / PLUMBING.

If engineers apprentice is in attendance and only if this allows the work to be compleated in a lesser time than exspected and charge of no more that 30% of the standard rate can be added rather that charging for 2 persons.

 (With a minimum charge of £65 for the first hour and £32.50 for every 30 minutes or part of thereafter. (This is based on arrival and departure times as tracked on the vehicle).


No one at home/no access (private or tenanted)

Where there is no access when and appointment has not been cancelled with the office there will be a minimum ½hr charge. (If persons are running late and require the engineer to wait a waiting time will be charged equal to stanard charges.)


Saturday /pre-arranged out of hours rate (excluding Sundays)

£80.00 p/h and ½ hours pro/rata (Minimum charge 1 hour)


Emergency call outs (at any time)

£100.00 p/h which will commence & include traveling time from engineer’s location

(where we would aim to complete the repair within this visit it maybe necessary to isolate the problem and return at a later date to effect a satisfactory repair)


Day rates (8 hours weekday) (other days on application)

£400.00 per engineer (mate/apprentice + 50%)


Standard services* / Safety checks

All Appliance £75.00

Second Appliance on same visit discounted by 1/3 (example Boiler and fire = £125.00)

(Unvented cylinder safety checks as as second appliance £25)

(Hobs/cookers FOC when working on other appliances)


Non-standard service** – such as a strip down service of the main heat exchanger due to age, standard service findings or lack of standard servicing will be charged by the hour plus necessary parts such as seals etc. (this will be advised/estimated by the engineer on their visit) (Also known as service and repair)


*on a standard service your engineer will carry out the following during their visit:

  • Visual inspection – your engineer will check that the boiler still meets current standards and requirements and look for any corrosion or leaks. They will also visually check the general operation of the boiler.
  • Removal of the boiler casing – they will then check the components within the boiler to ensure everything is working correctly and then clean the inside of the boiler as required.
  • Flue check – the engineer will ensure there are no obstructions in the flue terminals and that the flue is safely fitted.
  • Combustion checks – the engineer will carry out a combustion check where appropriate and depending on the result may require a non-standard service** which will include the main heat exchanger as noted above.
  • Gas pressure check – this will ensure your boiler is working at the correct pressure.
  • Lastly fire the boiler back up – Engineer will then recheck for any working faults on the boiler and advice if further/future work is recommended.


Materials off the vehicles will be charged at cost + 20% or a prearrange agreed charge.

If Materials are required to be collect at time of job these will be charged at cost + 10% BUT traveling time will be included in the hourly charges.


Warranty Visits (Limitations)

Bcosy offers a 12 month warranty for installation work and 3 months on repairs.  If a return visit under the warranty period is requested and the issue is not related to our work but due to a manufacturers fault or user error these visits may become chargeable at our discretion in line with the advertised charges.


Any extended warranties above your statutory rights offered by a manufacturer will be passed to you and during this period visits requested to ascertain if the problem is covered by a warranty from the manufacturer will be chargeable in line with the advertised charges.


Please do not hesitate to contact by e-mail or phone in the 1st instance to discuss the issue where we will be only too happy to try and help.

Technical boiler installation survey                                      

(not sure your boiler was installed correctly)      




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